Drag Me To Hell

Another day, another horror movie. Old, old news...

This one - a relatively big budget horror film called Drag Me to Hell from Lionsgate starring Alison Lohman - features a bank loans officer who is cursed by a stereotypical Eastern European old gypsy woman. She then spends the rest of the film either being visited by Demons intent on "dragging her to hell" or attempting to find a way of not being visited by Demons intent on "dragging her to hell".

The basic premise of the movie feels forced. The use of obvious stereotypes is unnecessary really. The same story could have been established without the lazy set up. Add to that the medium types Lohman goes to see are too overused.

But for the overfamiliarity of come elements of the movie, this is actually a very good movie. There are some real scares here. Lohman is totally convincing playing this role - you really feel for her character. Her initial total, all-encompassing terror is superbly played - as is her ongoing increasing level of despair as she understands more and more of her plight.

The effects don't let the side down either. There are some wonderfully gory scenes and some moments that might just make you jump.

Okay, I'm not sure the tag of "Scariest Movie of the Decade" is totally earned but it's miles above most of the horror films I've watched over the last few months.


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