Thoughts of blogging

I started keeping this blog a while back when I invented this pseudonym and decided to have a go at writing. It had a plain and simple purpose - promote the writing.

Well I guess I do do that - at least to some degree. I do tend to post notices of any sales, rejections, publications etc. But I have to admit I've not proven all that good at writing. I've sold a number of reviews, a handful of articles and eight short stories. 

Now some people might say I've been reasonable successful, but I'm not on about sales. The reason I've not been successful in my own eyes is I'm not very good at the actual writing. I go through days of thinking about writing but not actually doing any. Well apart from this blog.

Now it's not necessarily a bad thing. You could say it's because I don't actually have a hunger for it. My day job is one I enjoy and one that pays reasonable well. So writing is something I don't actually need.

I dare say I'll carry on doing it. I kind of like the acceptances - they give a nice kind of buzz. But if there is anyone who is reading this blog I am afraid that you are unlikely to be reading the words of someone destined to be compared to Stephen King. Not that I ever thought my talent was even a fraction of his.

So I'm just going to get one with life. And I might start using this blog more to rant about some of the things I think are not quite right with the world. Oh, and continue mentioning some terrible horror films from time to time...


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