Every time I find come across one of the sf movies I watched in the 80s or early 90s I buy it. And in nearly every instance I am happy to say the film didn't disappoint after all the years. I've happily revisited Salute of the Jugger (okay most people didn't like it the first time but I did), Wedlock, Running Man etc. And I've had a great time in doing it.

So when I saw the Timecop DVD in the Sale bins at tesco for the enormous price of one pound I knew it was coming home with me. And so it did.

And I watched it after more than a decade since my last viewing. It's everythign I remember. Decent story, decent effects, half decent acting - with Jean-Claude Van Damme it's never going to be an Oscar winning performance but I still maintain he's up to the task of handling an action film like this.

I enjoyed it immensely. Now I think I must head over to Amazon at some point and have a look through their 1980s sf bargains. You never know what I'll find.


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