Conan and Elephants

I picked up a DVD of a Conan film - looks like a tele-movie thing - called Heart of the Elephant. First off it's a really daft name for a movie. Seriously daft!

But I decided to watch it anyway. Or am watching it as I type I should say. It shocked the hell of out me in a couple of ways. Mickey Rooney is in it for one. And secondly it was the pilot for a TV series from 1997.

I am a big fan of TV sf and, although I don't like fantasy series overly, I thought I would have heard of it. I've been wracking my brain to see if there's any even slight recollection of this thing's existence but there's nothing.

Still from what I've seen of it over the last forty minutes or so (including a bit of fast forwarding when I got truly bored) I don't think I missed much. And being honest I'm not sure how much more I'm going to watch of it in any case.

In fact decision made. The DVD's been ejected...


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