Smash Cut

This was one film I really couldn't get a handle on at first. Not so much in terms of the story - that's easy enough. But I was trying to decide whether I liked it.

It's totally cheesy, a film that's obviously been made bad. Now I have a history with this kind of movie. I've seen more than my share of Troma films over the years and enjoyed the hell out of them. But this one I just didn't manage to connect with in the way I did with films like "Class of Nuke Em High Part 2: The Subhumanoid Meltdown".

In Smash cut, David Hess plays Able Whitman, a movie director who makes Ed Wood look like a genius. His films are truly terrible, with the worst kind of special effects you could imagine. After he accidentally kills a stripper he decides to use her body (and then subsequently other bodies) to improve his movies.

So the plot sounds okay. Problem is the trashy style of the movie just didn't do it for me. It's a terrible shame really, I had serious hopes for this. But it just didn't deliver.


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