Really Bad Movies

I bought some more bad horror films. I have a habit of doing it from time to time. I think there may well be something seriously wrong with me.

And having bought them I thought I should get around to watching some of them. So tonight I picked out a vampir emovie called "Bachelor Party in the Bunglaow of the Damned". The title really doesn't give you much hope with the film does it?

The story in a nutshell. A group of guys, friends since High School, decide to have one last blowout of a stag party for the first of their number to be getting married. They head off into the middle of nowhere to a bungalow owned by the uncle of the dweeb of the group.

Seriously bad acting, appalling effects and a pitifully awful story. It's one film where the remote control's fast forward button is your friend. Maybe the STOP button an even greater friend. If I was to use the phrase "I simply can't recommend this film enough" I'd be using one word too many (the word "enough" if you haven't got the joke).

This is as bad as it gets - really. You find yourself looking for the credits to see if Ed Wood still lives. And I bought eight others in the batch so I have plenty more bad movies to work my way through.

Told you there must be something wrong with me.


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