King of Procrastination

I admit it. I am the King of Procrastination.

I wandered up stairs from my lounge to my office with the intention of doing some writing. And then I noticed an email about PS Publishing. They have an offer on where you buy two and get a third book free. Now I have many, many PS Publishing titles on my bookshelves and I am rather fond of them.

So I thought as the offer ends today I would check it out. Which of course means I had to go sort out the books. Now normally I have my books in alphabetical order by type (and one of the types just happens to be PS Publishing) which means it would simply be walk up to the shelf and check which ones I'd already got.

But with the building work going on I have had to box up most of my books and move the ones I decided to keep. When I did this I didn't put them on the shelves in order. So to be able to check which books I already had (I'd read a number of them from pdf review copies so I couldn't rely on knowing I'd read it) I had to re-order them.

Well half an hour later I have them in order and I have worked out what to order - using the last payment I received for a writing acceptance to pay for them (yes that is justification for having a spend in my mind). And so they should arrive soon.

I am definitely looking forward to them - especially the Zoran Zivkovic collection. He is one of my favourite authors.

Oh, and to complete the procrastination I popped an episode of Jonathan Creek into the DVD player in the office which means until it finished I am not actually doing any writing.

I did tell you I have lost the drive didn't I?


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