Given my orders

We went out for a few drinks in a local pub yesterday with a friend of mine. This wasn't a case of getting very drunk or anything. Although my wife had a couple of glasses of red wine, the other two of us drank nothing but soft drinks the whole time (I don't drink anything alcoholic at any time so not much of a change for me).

During the course of a pleasant afternoon they ganged up on me and announced they thought I was feeling sorry for myself and should get over it. They were referring to my writing. I've not really been doing any for weeks, just the occasional review here and there but nothing more - no articles or short stories.

I will admit to not having been in the best frame of mind for a few weeks and the regular receipt of rejections was not helping this mood, but they were right with one thing. I was using this as an excuse.

So today I've taken their advise to heart and got on with it. Result so far is one new short story written and submitted to Everyday Weirdness. Now okay it's not the longest story I've written (800 words or so). But it's a start.

Now I'm going to try to catch up on the reviewing - I have four books that I've read over the last couple of weeks that are as yet unreviewed. So here goes...


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