The Myth

We (me, my wife, her parents) all love Chinese movies. "House of Flying Daggers", "Red Cliff", "The Warlord" etc etc... Epic tales with casts of thousands - literally. Stories that are wonderfully over the top and spectacularly filmed.

This one was a little different though. Jackie Chan plays an archeaologist (in the Indiana Jones nick the big gem before the temple explodes variety, not the delicate scrapping of layers of soil and meticulous anaylsis). And he is dreaming of a life in Imperial China as a general. And it seems there might be something in his dreams.

This is a very tongue in cheek movie. Nothing at all is to be taken seriously - even the martial art stuff is in the usual Jackie Chan silly style. It's fantastic fun. We all loved it. As long as you don't worry about departing from reality every few seconds you'll have a great time watching this.


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