If there's one thing that's going to start me off incorrectly on a film it's when the film-makers have been clever with the spelling of the title - as in replacing the first letter E with a 3. I know it's a minor gripe but it's a bad start.

The film itself is not too bad. It's a pretty decent movie if somewhat unoriginal and with an ending you can spot a mile off. Marc Blucas (yes, Riley from Buffy) stars as student Kevin Parsons, the latest victim of a serial killer who telephones the victim just prior to the attack. Parsons is the first person to survive the attack, but this doesn't mean the killer is going to let him off the hook.

The film has no demons, no ghosts, vampires, werewolves, magic or supernaturalliness of any kind. It's a basic evil human psychological horror and it actually does manage to build a little suspense. Not much though I have to say - that telegraphed ending really does spoil any tension.

It's an okay film, a fine way of spending an hour and a half. One I recommend you watch if it comes on one of the movie channels.


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