Book collecting upate

Yesterday was a Saturday and we had some free time so we popped into Burton upon Trent for a couple of hours (just because it's nearby). Well the inevitable happens - there are charity shops that have books so I go for a quick trawl.

Well yesterday wasn't the most successful but I did find a few. so here's the list

Dan Simmons - Hyperion (B format)
ed. Ben Bova - Exiles (3 novellas by Poul Anderson, Eric Frank Russell and Isaac Asimov)
Michael Moorcock - Blood
Julian May - The Many Coloured Land / The Golden Torc Omnibus
Michael Scott Rohan - The Lord of Middle Air

Here's a photo of them

I have copies of the first four of these books already. I'll probably keep the Hyperion, as I have an A format not this larger edition and I like the cover, and the Moorcock as I have it in hardcover only and he's one of the authors I'm getting a little completest about.

The real pain was the one book I didn't previously own - the Michael Scott Rohan. Charity shops often put stickers on the covers of the books with prices on and they rarely use low tack stickers. this normally results in time having to be spent to carefully remove these stickers without damaging the book and then, often, removing the sticky residue they leave behind.

The only problem is that every now and again, no matter how much care I put into the removal of the sticker, one will rip the cover and yesterday it, annoyingly, happened on the only "new" to the collection title I bought. Here's a close up of the damage.

And the really annoying part. They didn't even need to put the sticker on it - all the books were exactly the same price. It would have been easier for them to just put a label on the shelf.

So if anyone is reading this who might be in a position to be stickering books in such a shop - don't. Think of the people who buy them. Some of us are collectors and want our books in as good condition as we can get them.


Markus Hömske said…
In the shops (charity, second hand) I visit in Belgium. They write the price with a ballpen on the inside. No need to get rid of something annoying. Both of them are unfortunately a little trip away. One in Bruxelles the other is in Redu, one of the book villages. Both carry books in English :-)
Edmund Lester said…
I can remember a second hand book shop near the Grand Place that I've visited a few times over the years. That had a reasonable range of books in English, even a number of old science fiction.

I bought several from there each time I visited

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