Last Day of Christmas Break

I would like to start this blog entry with an apology. I realise there many people who went back to work immediately after Christmas, and some who didn't even get Christmas off. I'm thinking of a police officer friend for the last one - so, sorry Sarah.

I though have had ten days off. Thoroughly enjoyable it's been but tomorrow I will be heading back to the office to begin a new work year. Darn it. Maybe this year will be the one in which I find the secret of independent wealth. Maybe I'll sell and book and then get that phone call from Mr. Spielberg that I'm sure isn't coming. Yeah, I doubt it too.

Well I have managed some writing in and amongst the compulsory festivities and, as you by now cannot possibly be surprised I'm going to give you the stats on it. Inevitably really wasn't it? I do tend to be a bit of a stats freak.

25th December - January 3rd (10 days)
21,079 words written
Daily average 2,108 words

January 3rd
month to day - 8,134 words
daily average - 2711.3 words

Let's see if I can keep this average going.

And one final writing related piece of info - another submission of the Patternmaker's Daughter has been sent out. Fingers crossed as always


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