Decisions, decisions

I faced a quandary writing wise in the last couple of days. I've recently started to write a bit of a paranoid science fiction conspiracy novel and I've got two completed first drafts of other stories that need to be relooked at.

So I made a decision. I've started to revise the bawdy science fiction novel I finished a month or so back (No Man's Land). Having read through the first few chapters I have noticed one thing. The voice that I'd settled into by the end of the book was far from a finished article at the start. I need to rewrite the introduction and the first couple of chapters a bit more than I had anticipated.

Here comes decision number two - what style to rewrite them in. I had a couple in mind. Change the voice so it matched the rest of the book or convert the introduction and pretend it was written by someone other than the narrator. Either would work.

Well after conversing with test reader number one I'm opting for the former. So I am going to be heading away to re-read (again) the novel from paper and start to make some notes in the margins.
It will make them considerably better but it will keep me away from the new novel for a little while. Needs must, eh? It will be worth it but I will miss actually writing.

Anyway - it's not going to get done if I continue writing this blog so I'm going to cut things short and go get revising


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