The weekend starts here (as if)

It's Friday. It's half past five. Theoretically the weekend starts here. Well except it doesn't. At least not in the sense of partying. I'm a bit of a sicky. For anyone reading this who is female, yes I have man-flu.

It's not too bad; I mainly just feel cold. As a result I intend to do next to nothing for the next two days, beyond maybe some TV watching and a bit of writing. My plans to finish the revision of the bawdy scifi and send out a bunch of submissions might take a bit of a hit - might not. I'm just going to see what I can do.

I remember last time I was ill. I found writing pretty easy - but the reading part of revising not so much. You never know how these darn bugs are going to hit you. Whatever happens I'm probably going to be fine to go back into the office eon Monday. It always seems to happen that way for me. The only time in my life I had flu I came down with it on Christmas Day, the first of ten continuous days of not having to be at work and was ill straight through the holidays, recovering just in time to...

...Yep, to go back to work.

Ah well. Anyway tonight I would imagine will see some more episodes of House of Cards being watched - well you have to don't you?


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