Rush Retirement

I've had over a month now to ruminate on Neil Peart retirement announcement. Even if Geddy Lee's clarification of him only having retired from touring is true it's still pretty final. You see, I've been a Rush fan almost as long as I've been a music fan.

Way, way, way back in the pre-Internet dark ages, before Britain had even 4 TV channels (yes, I'm talking about the 1970s) a school friend and I found a copy of 2112 in his elder brother's record collection. (Not sure if his elder brother knew we were rifling through his record collection but 35+ years later he would probably forgive us.)

Well the album worked it's magic on both of us and a few weeks later I had my own copy; something I'm sure my mother was deeply happy about. So this band is one of the longest in terms of service of my personal listening and they are still in the top 3 favourites and if pushed I'd probably put them at #1.

So for them to not be a thing any more is a downer. But maybe all hope is not lost. After all if Geddy Lee is right and some Rush activity is possible in future there is a chance of another album. Now with many artists this might not be the best of news. After all I've bought some late career albums in my time and rarely play them, preferring to stick to the classic stuff that made them famous and me a fan.

With Rush though this is different. Their last album, Clockwork Angels, is one of my favourites. Some of the songs on it are superb. If it does prove to be their final release they can be proud of it. I hope it isn't though, because it proves to me they still have it as songwriters.

But if this is it I can't hold it against them. They've entered for over four decades. They created some of the best music I've ever heard and I will always have those songs and albums.

Thanks guys


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