Quick writing update

Today has seen me writing again. It's been a while - I was feeling under the weather for the last few days and getting through my work days was proving taxing enough brainpower wise so writing hasn't happened much. I have done a little revising of the bawdy scifi and a blog entry or several but generally nothing much was happening fiction wise.

That changed today.

I turned another four chapters of the bawdy scifi No Man's Land into 3rd draft and wrote a further four scenes to the fourth weird Ben Williamson novella. It total I added 2,244 of new fiction to the slate today. Not too shabby.

Anyway, weekend is nearly over and I have to go get ready for work again in the morning. Boo! Hiss!

I should get a bit of time this week to do more and providing I have the brain capacity spare I'm going to try to catch up and put some decent writing sessions in.

More later.


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