OK, time to 'fess up

Today my plans (once I was done with going out this morning and actually getting some life in) was to concentrate solidly on the revision of the bawdy science fiction novel No Man's Land. Well you know what they say about best paid plans.

The problem with it was the trip into Ashby this morning. Ashby has a main street (Market Street) with all the shops and two smaller parallel roads, one either side where the car parks are. I tried the car parks on the nearest and found them full so headed across to the far side and had no difficulty whatsoever - unless you count paying in the first machine but it giving me no ticket which was annoying.

Anyway to get to the crux of the point - these two parallel roads are called North Street and South Street. I'm not going to tell you which way round they are.

On the drive back a new Ben Williamson novella idea popped into my head and wanted to be told. I tried my best to put it off. I even managed to a degree.

No Man's Land is now in 3rd draft up to the end of chapter 9 and I've made revision notes for chapters 10 & 11. The thing is, in amongst this the new story has been started. The first day is written, comprising two scenes for a total of 1,179 words. I have a horrible feeling I'm going to struggle to put this out of my mind so I can finish the revision of No Man's Land and get back to the conspiracy novel I started (called A World out of Balance if I haven't mentioned it before).

I'm going to head off after finishing this blog entry and write the plot down in one of my notebooks to see if that will get the story demons to allow me to get back to my original plan.

The second thing to note here is the details of that trip into Ashby. I did my usual trawl of the charity shops and found a few things. Here's the list

Anne Rice - Violin HC
Patrick Moore - On the Moon HC
George R.R. Martin - A Dance with Dragons part 1
Philip K. Dick - Mary and the Giant

Not a huge amount but four books I am happy to own.



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