It's difficult getting back into things

The first week back in the office after the Christmas break is done and it's now Saturday. Hurrah for that - maybe.

The thing is I'm not totally in headspace wise with what I want to be writing. I have started a new novel (A World out of Balance) which is a bit Dan Brown in flavour. My wife thinks this is a good idea as the genre is still a bit trendy so it might have a chance of selling. That's not a driving force with what I write but I will admit I like the idea of seeing a book published so I can see the attraction in it.

But the problem is I'm not feeling the story as much as I do with the other stories. It's not that I'm forcing it or anything. I don't write like that. I have to have the idea down in my head to a decent level before I can start writing. This one I have to a decent degree. I have the first five or six chapters nailed. I have the world set up - characters all sorted, concept fully formed, ending fixed, a few issues to sort on the way. All sounds good. The problem is I'm not convinced with how to join some of the bits up just yet.

So I'm giving it a little break and sorting out the revising of the Bawdy Science Fiction Noir Detective Space Opera (my now official sub genre) novel No Man's Land. It needed a bit more smut in the first few chapters as well as the usual fix ups. Having finished read through it surprised me by being a little more together than I thought it might be. I really thought it might be a little problematic in structure - I'd spent a lot of effort sorting out how to be excessively rude in a host of creative ways without using the harshest of swear words. I'm aiming for smut not obscenity after all. (In that previous sentence I had originally typed obscenity wrong - as obscenTITY. I was tempted to leave it as it's in keeping).

Anyway I have revised the intro and chapter zero. I have annotated notes included a few more bawdy euphemisms, some of which involve bumblebees, which will be fitted in from time to time and one or two more yucky bits for good measure.

Some more of that will be done later.

For now I'm going to go watch a little TV. We started watching Crossing Lines last night (I'd recorded them weeks/months back) and it's superb. Need some more of that.

More later - my wife is out being musical again so there will be time.


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