Quick writing update

Not got much time so this is a brief highlights (or lowlights) package

Yesterday and today have both seen two rejections for my YA fantasy novel the Patternmaker's Daughter drop into my inbox. Bugger.

I have been splitting my available writing time between revising and writing a new Ben Williamson weird novella. The bawdy scifi novel is in third draft up to chapter 11. Chapter 12 & 13 are now covered in red ink and await the write up of these changes into final copy.

The weird novella saw one section written on Sunday (521 words) and two more tonight (1360 words).

It is now up to 3060 words and I fear it is not going to let me get back to the Secret Society novel until it's done.

Anyway I'm off now to spend some time with my wife and she will read the new bits of the novella so I will get some quick feedback

Told you this was quick


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