And the trippers of the light fantastic

Despite being a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy and a Terry Pratchett fan since Strata for some reason I'd never seen the adaptation of Colour of Magic. Well being ill today and not writing has given me time to actually watch the darn thing.

Now I'm not going to say I'm glad to be ill. That would be insane but making the most of things I've enjoyed this TV miniseries. It's very well done; well acted, well directed and thoroughly well made. Good show

Of course from a writing perspective this weekend has been a bit hit and miss. Yesterday my brain was working. So much so I added about 3000 words to the current novella. Today though, in contrast I've added barely 200 words and they were to complete a scene I'd started to write yesterday. Sitting upright and thinkng weren't things that coincided much today.  My two blog entries have been written on my iPhone whilst lying down.

I've had my usual luck with illnesses. I always seem to be unwell at weekends or during holidays. The only time I had flu I came down with it on XMas Day and was fit and well by Jan 2nd and the return to work. I suppose it's good in one respect. I've never had much sick time but I do occasionally feel aggrieved - not seriously though.

So January is over and I've written barely half of December's word count. Here's hoping February is better and you never know, one of these submissions may prove successful.

Sorry for the slightly incoherent nature of this blog. I hope that normal service will be resumed soon.


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