Wow does that hurt

Okay, second day back in the office is now done. It won't be long until I get back into the swing of working life fully but at the moment it hurts every time the alarm clock goes off. I mean, who in their right mind wants to wake up before 7am? I don't I know that. But I need to pay the mortgage so I need to do the work and that means an early start.

Of course if I sell a few novels (and they sell well) and everything might be different. Of course that's all mere pipe dreams at the moment. Even if I do sell a novel at some point I am well aware that making a living from writing alone is not likely. I've probably made it worse by heading straight for the nerdy genres like science fiction.

Anyway as I may have (did) mentioned in a previous blog entry I have started a new novel. I can't report it is going all that quickly at the moment. I could blame it on a number of factors - going back to work, and starting to revise No Man's Land amongst them. But in truth it's mainly die to just being tired and not wanting to sit at the keyboard and type. This isn't the most comfortable way of spending time - doesn't even compare to the cosiness of lounging on a sofa watching good TV - or even bad TV.

I am going to write some tonight although I'm not expecting all that much. If I can add one section I will be satisfied. It will be better than nothing. So I had better get on with it.

I write one section of the novel tonight - 710 words.
It completed chapter 2 - 2,916 words
Novel now up to 6,597 words

More to come

First rejection of the New Year arrived in the Inbox - for my YA fantasy novel the Patternmaker's Daughter. BUGGER. Still at least I have the full manuscript for this in with one publisher so you never know.

Will have to find time to finish revising the bawdy scifi No Man's Land so I can have a fifth book out there in submissions land. Then of course the other Ben Williamson novellas. That would make thing all the more fun (or painful as it will probably result in more rejections). Ah well


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