A busy day

I ducked out of car booting today. I figured the ground was still far too wet to head out onto the fields where the local ones take place. Maybe I will have better luck next week.

So instead I concentrated on finishing the novella.

I left it last night on 26,142 expecting it to end at about 30,000. I was wrong. Overnight I had an idea that took part of it in a new direction and all the better for it I think that is. It did make it a touch longer though. First draft now clocks in at 34,117. So I guess that means I added twenty five words short of eight thousand. Not a bad day.

After all that typing you might think I want to run screaming from the very sight of a keyboard and yet here I am typing up a blog entry. And I'm having to restrain myself from re-opening What Remains When the Dust Settles, my sequel to the novel I've been subbing around - and which has had one positive (so far) reply.

I want to continue Zeke's tale (he's one of the lead characters) as my wife wants to know what happens to him next but I'm a little reticent. I think I might be better served by going for the comedy horror. If the agent currently consider Against doesn't go for it I might have another novel that I can send out. The more options the better.

Can anyone tell me why I didn't try this years ago?


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