Writing Update - Thursday 20th August

I didn't post anything at the end of Sunday. I should have but I'd been writing all day. The novella was done; first draft anyway. It totalled 34,117 words by day's end. I now have the task of revising it, which I will have to admit not having done much of several days later.

It's the bit I enjoy least. But that wasn't the main reason I've left it. I read somewhere that you should leave the revising a while; come back to the story after it's gone cold a little. Not sure how much truth is in that but I'm willing to give it a try.

Submissions wise I have heard back from one or two of the places I sent Mr. Stinky and Against the Fall of Empire. Nothing else in the positive though, although some nice words about Mr. Stinky. The email contained "It does sound like a good, twisty tale of possession" although it was still a decline.

On the positive I still have the one agency that has requested the full novel for Against. Keeping my fingers crossed.

As mentioned before- I've been trying to think which novel to write next - Against book 2 or the comedy horror. Well I started the comedy horror. I have a rough plot. I have the crux of the story and climax all sorted in my notebook. I have a number of ridiculous characters and even some jokes. So I tried writing it this evening. Problem was it started sounding a little too serious. I write 2000 words. The prologue was light hearted enough but as soon as I started in on the story I got to the tone I used in the other novels - the serious ones. Have put it aside to rethink my approach.

Then another idea hit me. The novella I finished last weekend had an impossible storyline. It just couldn't happen. And tonight I came up with the idea for another, which I've titled The Intersection. I have the full story in my head, characters, situations, the lot. It too will be weird in flavour and it too could never happen. And it too will have the same lead character. This time going in a totally different direction.

I think this might be the next one I will write. I rather fancy seeing if I could write three impossible stories featuring the same character and bundle them together. Might be interesting.

Wish me luck on the submissions


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