Getting back to blogging - collecting

I am a mad book collector; mostly of science fiction and horror. I have several. I enjoy going out hunting for books. I also enjoy giving books to people. I have been telling some of my colleagues - the ones lucky enough to be much younger than my 47 years - about many of the great sf novels and I have been buying dupes when I see them and giving them as gifts. Think of it as my crusade to get more people reading the best sf.

To start this I want to mention that the first two books I did this with were among my favourite sf books of all time
 - Michael Moorcock - Behold the Man
 - Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale

Anyway I go to bookshops, new and second hand when I can find them, charity shops, car boot sales, summer fetes and anywhere else that might sell them. So I thought it might be fun to details my successes. Apologies if you find this boring

Car Boot
 - Charlaine Harris - Dead and Gone (Keep)
 - Charlaine Harris - A Touch of Dead (Keep)
 - seven other Charlaine Harris Dead books for the duplicates pile and for future donating
 - Malorie Blackman - Knife Edge (Keep)
 - Ray Bradbury - Fahrenheit 451 (Dupe)
 - Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale (Dupe)

Charity Shops
 - Arthur C. Clarks - The Sentinel HC (Keep)
 - Simon Morden - Equations of Life (Dupe)
 - Simon Morden - Theories of Flight (Dupe)
 - Stephen Baxter - Flood (Dupe)
 - Sarah Pinborough - The Shadow of the Soul (Keep)
 - Christopher Golden - Angel Souls and Devil Hearts (Keep)

Maynard & Bradley (Second Hand Bookshop in Leicester)
- Isaac Asimov - The End of Eternity 1959 UK Panther pb (Keep)
 - Poul Anderson - The Dancer from Atlantis (Keep)
 - Christopher Hodder-Williams - The Prayer Machine HC (Keep)

Waterstones in Burton on Trent
Salman Rushdie - Josaph Anton, a Memoir HC (Keep)
Ann Leckie - Ancilliary Sword (Keep)
Adam Christopher - The Machine Awakens (Keep)

Not a bad haul but below my recent weekly average - roughly fifty books in each of previous four weekends. You never know - tomorrow morning's car boot may rectify this.

Wish me luck


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