Sunday writing - August 30th

Update 14:07 - The Intersection 19,945 words

Update 14:41 - The Intersection 20,715 words

Update 16:06 - Been procrastinating again. A sudden urge to start sorting out the fantasy books section of my library.

Update 17:13 - The Intersection 22, 201 words. Not a bad little writing session. Quick break time

Update 17:56 - The Intersection 22, 851 words. Getting nicely weird. Just checked the post from yesterday. Despite all the procrastinating I have added more than 5,000 words so far today. Not sure how many more there will be though. Tonight I am joining the family to finish watching the Danish TV drama 1864. I recommend it by the way

And that is where it's going to stay. I have been ordered to stop writing. This evening is to be devoted to family time and Danish drama TV. Hopefully I will finish The Intersection draft one tomorrow.


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