Writing Update August 15th - some good news

My novella A Parallel Life is now at a little over 22,000 words. It's not been the best week for writing as where I work has been a little short staffed as two people have been on holiday and I've used the evenings to actually relax.

Once I'm done with this blog entry I will get down to it and try to finish it this weekend. I have the desperate urge to get on with What Remains When the Dust Settles, the second book in my sf series; or maybe the comedy horror/dark fantasy thing I've been toying with.

Anyway that is the writing update. Now for the submissions update.

I received a rejection for Against the Fall of Empire from Ki Agency. I don't mind naming the agency this time as the email was very pleasant reading for a rejection. It included phrases like "clearly write well" and "the plot has ambitious features" and commented rather helpfully that maybe the synopsis I'd written was not up to par. On re-reading it I think she may be right. I will rewrite that and try to adjust the focus before I send it out again. So overall a big thank you from me to Ki Agency. If you have a book I would seriously give them a look. They replied quickly and not with a form letter.

The second email was much more interesting. This time I will not name the agency - just in case. The agent this time asked for the whole book. She wanted to keep reading it. So I sent the full manuscript, all 428 pages of A4 over to her last night and now have my fingers crossed she continues to enjoy it.

Even if she decides that it isn't quite right for her I am still buzzed at getting beyond a straight rejection.

Anyway - now to do some writing. I want to finish this novella.


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