Monday writing - August 31st

Today is a public holiday in the UK. And as it's the UK it's raining which suits me just fine as I wasn't intending to go out today anyway. I did my book buying yesterday when it happily stayed dry so I am all good on that. I will post about the success I had about that later.

So this afternoon, nothing is going to stop me from writing. Well, okay anyone who knows me will realise there is always the chance for a quick procrastinate. And the on going re-arranging of my library will be a distraction. So a little of that done I sat down and start writing.

Or rather I started by posting the third part of Mr. Stinky to Wattpad (see previous post). But that done I started writing.

Yesterday I ended the day on The Intersection at 22, 851. So progress of today will gradually appear below.

Update 16:56 - The Intersection 24,560 words. Just over 1,700 so far today. Quick break time.

Update 18:07 - The Intersection 25,418 words.

Update 19:03 - The Intersection 26,463 words - need food

Update 20:54 - The Intersection 27,764 words.

Small aside - I just noticed that the three chaplets of Mr. Stinky I put up on WattPad have been read. My dashboard over there tells me that five page views have taken place - all to people in the USA. I hope they liked it.

This blog too is getting people reading it. Yesterday 104 pages were viewed. So far today another 40. Word of mouth (or keyboard) can't hurt

Update 21:13  The Intersection 28,170 - I know it seems like a short time since the last update and break but this one is enforced. Hopefully I won't be away too long. I think I might be able to finish the first draft of this thing tonight.

Final Update 22:59 The Intersection 30,448 and finished


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