Final Sunday Update - The Intersection

The novella has ended the day on 11,455 words. When you consider that before yesterday morning there were only about 500 words down on paper (or in MS Word) I don't think that's all that bad going.

Hopefully I'll be able to add a bunch more over the next few days. It would be good going into next weekend on about 20,000. That might mean I have chance to get it done over the Bank Holiday weekend. Then September can start on the fantasy story - The Patternmaker's Daughter.

Oh, and when I was taking a little break from writing earlier I made another couple of submissions to agencies; one for Mr. Stinky and one for Against the Fall of Empire.

Hopefully one of them will  give me a positive at some point. In any case I'm not going to be demoralised just yet - not when I've got this fantasy to plot and write. My wife likes the sound of this one so I've got to write it for her I suppose.


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