Tuesday August 25th Writing

I know it might seem a little odd to post this regularly but I am trying to use it to keep me motivated. If I can see the number going up reasonably quickly it keeps my spirits up. And if I tell myself I have to post a figure - and make it one worth posting then I will just get on with it.

Anyway The Intersection is now at 14,513 words. From 12,763 last thing yesterday. 1,750 words. Not bad considering I was at work all day and have not completely neglected my wife this evening - if I had to do that to write, I would never type a single word.

No more emails form agents for either Mr. Stinky or Against the Fall of Empire though. Maybe more to report on that tomorrow.

Writing update so far

Novel 1 - Adam's Death - never seeing the light of day (not without major rewrite)
Novel 2 - The Day Before Tomorrow - ditto
Novel 3 - When the Snows Came - ditto, ditto
Novel 4 - Mr. Stinky - submitted to various agencies and publishers.  Received many rejections, although a lot of them were complimentary. Still awaiting two responses.
Novel 5 - Against the Fall of Empire - submitted to various agencies and publishers, One maybe, a number not yet responded, but it is still not a month since the first submission.
Novel 6 - The Samaritan Killers - paused. Found out horror not a good thing on the market at the moment

Novella 1 - A Parallel Life. Finished, needs revising - paused
Novella 2 - The Intersection - in progress, mentioned above. Hoping to finish draft one this weekend.

Novel 7 - The Patternmaker's Daughter. Young Adult Fantasy, still being planned. Should start writing next week.

Who knows after that...


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