Writing Update - Saturday 19th August

Back from a night off - some writing done.

The novella is now on 17,573 words. It's getting to the action part of the story too. Or not far off 2,500 words added.

I also made a bit of a start on the young adult fantasy story. I have a name for my central character - Elspeth. I always liked that name. Did a bit more planning - some more pages filled in my notebook. Even did some research for one of the sections. My research library coming in handy. I have books on most subjects so I can usually find something. I prefer it to the internet most of the time.

So research and planning in hand I started typing. First chapter is now done and the 2,379 words committed to the page.

And I can add in a couple of submissions. I dusted down a couple of short stories from a lifetime and half ago. They are revised and submitted to the Literary Hatchet. Fingers crossed. I wouldn't mind seeing a story sold. That would help keep the spirits up.

I've also decided to sign up on Wattpad. I heard about this site back in May on the drive back from holiday in Holland. Front Row (BBC Radio 4) was doing a special from the Hay festival and one of the authors mentioned this site where you could post your fiction so people could read it but you retained total control.

So I've signed up and posted the first chaplet of Mr. Stinky online

You can find it at




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