Writing Update 23rd August 2015

Before I start on the writing, I want to mention the collecting side. I didn't do any book hunting this week at all. Yesterday my wife was playing a wedding. She plays clarinet and saxophone in a jazz/swing band - available for bookings around the Midlands if anyone is interested.

As she would be out for most of the afternoon and evening, we decided to have breakfast out together. That meant I didn't go anywhere I might find books. And today, well getting up all that early is a non-starter when I was up so late (she didn't get back 'til nearly midnight then needed to unwind).

No complaints here - after all there are things more important than books. Yes, I said it.

So I had most of yesterday afternoon and evening free and put it to good use. I started The Intersection, my second Ben Williamson novella. As I type this it stands at 7,596 words; not a bad effort.

As I will have large amounts of today available I will imagine it will top 10,000 before the day's end. I imagine the story will take about 30,000 words so I should be over a third of the way through in two days. Pretty good writing rate, even if I say so myself.

Of course all that is irrelevant unless I start selling. So onto the submissions front.

I have one book, Against the Fall of Empire, out there with several agents. One of them has requested the full manuscript and I'm waiting eagerly to find out what she thinks of it. but another two have declined it; one because she's not taking new clients on at the moment so not a rejection as such. Not that it makes much of a difference as it still means I have no representation out there.

I found a couple more places to submit the horror novel to - Mr. Stinky is back in the game.

And finally - new writing idea. I was sitting in the car yesterday morning waiting for my wife to return from the hairdresser and an idea came to me. So I furiously scribbled away while listening to Neil Young on the CD player. End result is a full plot outline lasting ten pages of A5 notepad. And this time it seems to be a young adult fantasy story. And I can see it being a trilogy - how conventional of me.

The title that came with it was the Patternmaker's Daughter. I was sorely tempted to put the Intersection aside and get straight on with it but I figured another few days of mulling it over should help strengthen the plot. And it should only take a couple of weeks to finish The Intersection so it won't be too much of a delay.

Wish me luck


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