Dress rehearsal night (this is a writing post)

I thought I'd better put the clarification in the title of this blog posting. You see I am not at a dress rehearsal. Such things do not feature in my life. They do however, feature in my wife's. She's off every evening this week at the pantomime.

As I have mentioned before, she's the musical director for a local panto. It opens tomorrow night. It means I will see pretty much nothing of her this week. She leaves each night before I get home. We coincide briefly in the mornings as we get ready for work, then last thing at night. It's just as well I have a photo of her next to my computer. (Yeah, I know - sentimental.)

I am intent on taking full advantage of all the free time this will give me by writing as much as my fingers will let me. (And the brain I guess. It's got to think all this up.)

So tonight I have made a good start on this mad writing week. I finished off chapter six of the YA Paranormal novel I'm writing adding 2,247 words. It brings the book up to 21,674; not a bad word count for 10 days writing. Yeah, I only started this story on the 6th. I'm averaging 2,167 words a day in that time - despite having a day job that keeps me away from the story for most of each weekday.

It does make me wonder why I didn't pick this story for my NaNoWriMo effort. It is a lot easier to write than the bawdy scifi I tried in November. That was a constant struggle to invent the next euphemism. Trust me it's difficult to keep being original. There are only so many ways of being rude without swearing.

Anyway - that's all to report tonight. I've not done much else since I left the office - unless you really want to hear about my filling the car up with diesel or cooking food (it was pasta again - I always cook pasta). I'm off now to back up tonight's writing


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