Friday Fun and Shenanigans

I had this afternoon off work. I was waiting in for some workmen who in the end were unable to make it. Am I upset by this. To be honest no. You see last week and the start of this I had flu and did the silly thing of not taking time off work for it. I didn't go into the office as I didn't want to pass on the virus to anyone else - especially one colleague who was going away for the weekend to celebrate her birthday.

My job allows me to work from home from time to time so that's what I did. I stayed wrapped up warm and worked form my home office. Thing is I'm beginning to think that was a very silly idea. You see I feel exhausted; totally out of energy.

So when I found out I was home for no real reason and had "wasted" half a day of my holiday entitlement did I feel aggrieved? Not in the least. I could relax and try to rebuild a little of that energy that has been lacking in me over the last few days.

Of course that's exactly what I did; for about fifteen minutes. Then I started to feel bored. Cue a trip to my home office and my latest novel. I thought I might be able to get a couple of thousand words in before my wife got back form work.

I didn't manage it. I came pretty close though, 1,928 words. I wrote three scenes, completing chapter three and making a good start on chapter four. The novel is now up to 12,200 words; not a bad effort for seven days of writing. I'll take that for a start. I think this book is going to end up somewhere around the 80K mark so I guess this means I'm about 15% done.

Yeah, I'm a numbers nerd. What can I say. But if you've read some of the earlier postings in this blog you'll already know this. I have an obsession with numbers. I guess having studied Mathematics at University it's not a shocker.

Anyway if you aren't a numbers fetishist like me, you'll be pleased to know I'm going to stop for the rest of this posting. Of course I'm pretty much done with the entry so if you want the wordy stuff there's precious little of any interest or relevance to come. Just a bit about submissions.

You see I am thinking it's about time I get around to revising the 3rd Ben Williamson novella - the one I may have mentioned before but have been cagey about the name. I tried to give it a go last night. I headed for my wife's office (yes we both have a home office - it's one of the benefits of not having children). And the why of popping there is I don't have a printer in my office. I used to - it's now in my wife's office.

So I connected the flash drive to her computer, loaded the file and hit print. And there was no ink. Fortunately I am paranoid enough to print in small batches so I only wasted five pieces of paper. So that will have to wait until more ink arrives.

I do have the bawdy sci-fi novel No Man's Land though; all fully revised. I have sent out some submissions for it already - about ten days ago; just before I got stuck in this new YA Paranormal novel. Since then I've headed straight for writing new fiction rather than handling the other stuff of writing.

Well today I received my first rejection for No Man's Land. It's in good company - all my novels and novellas have rejections aplenty. No doubt this one will join them. And in truth I suspect this is one novel that's going to be pretty hard to place. The humour in it is just a little bit adult in flavour - a smidge you might say. Chances of someone thinking it could be commercial aren't all that high in head. Still unless I start sending more submissions out there it's chances of finding acceptance are even lower.

So wish me luck...


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