Reacting to criticism

Before I start I should point out the criticism in question was not harshly meant. Quite the opposite because this morning I received an email containing a rejection of my weird novella the Intersection that contained some feedback. And before you moan - I am very grateful to receive anything more than a form email. I am happy that the lady who replied had taken more time out of her undoubtedly busy day than was absolutely necessary to reply to me.

However the downside has been its effect on my writing. You see I've started to overthink things and do double takes on the writing. Normally when I'm writing a first draft I just thunder it out. Type and type and type and type; I can fix it up in revision. Well today I'm rereading almost as soon as I finish each sentence and then I'm changing them. I shouldn't. I know this. But I still am. As a result I am barely halfway to my current daily goal of 2,000 words.

Yes, I'm neurotic. And yes I over analyse. And no, I don't think I will ever chance my core personality. The time for managing that is far, far behind me. So what I have to do is manage my own particular peculiarities. And hope that the days when I wind myself up like a kipper (make of that metaphor what you will) are low in number.

Well, one thing I know I have to do is not procrastinate. And blogging is procrastinating; at least partially. So I'm going to head back to the current WiP shortly and hope to add one more section before sleep claims me.


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