Quick update

Today has been a day of two distinct halves. As it is the last day before my wife's pantomime starts we had a very slow start to the day. I'm not going to see all that much of her for the next few days so wanted to make the most of this morning.

We read books, watched some YouTube videos plus an episode or Scandinavian drama Jordskot and then the Italy versus England rugby match. Thankfully England decided not to spoil the party by losing. But as soon as it was over my wife was off out. Today was the final run through and the first in the actual venue. Tomorrow night will be the dress rehearsal and then the show starts on Tuesday. It runs every evening until Saturday (and on Saturday there will be a matinee as well). So she is booked up until next Sunday.

Of course next Sunday will be a bit of a no show in some respects too. The day after show week, when the adrenaline wears off, usually sees her sleep for twelve hours or more.

It does mean I will have a lot of writing time this week. I'm going to see if I can maintain my writing average on this new book. This afternoon and evening has seen me considerably above my 2K daily average. I'm on 3,084 words. Not quite as high as yesterday's 3,856 but still good. I might get a chance to add another scene once I've finished this blog entry; not sure when my wife is due back from the rehearsal.

So I shouldn't spend too much time on the blog I guess. With that in mind - toodle pip.


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