I am a lifelong devotee of science. I was fascinated by it from a young age, starting with the inevitable dinosaur fixation. Well at some point in the dim and distant past I was a five year old boy so it was a certainty wasn't it?

My top subjects at school were all the expected ones - mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology - in that order. In later life I will say the top two are a little interchangeable. I don't think I could say which I find more interesting today; although I do think they have both far outstripped chemistry and biology as the years have passed.

And yes, I do think that my love of science and science fiction as interlinked. I don't think I could see how it is possible to like one of these without the other. Of course I'm not totally sure what explains why I like horror as much as I do. Perhaps, like many people, I just have an internal bloodthirsty streak. As long as it stays internal there's no problem I guess.

Well today I am continuing my "feel like crap so am watching favourite movies" session of the last few days. And the first choice was one of my all time favourite movies (based on one of my all time favourite books) - Contact.

I was hooked on Carl Sagan when he made Cosmos. I watched every episode of it and read the book. I then read his other popular science books. When he released a science fiction book how could I not read it? Fortunately it was brilliant.

It was also perfect for me. After all it's science fiction about science and scientists. Could they have made this any more targeted at me. Oh yes, they could cast Jodie Foster as the lead actor. That would do it.

How do you follow a film like that? It's difficult. Well I solved it by opting for the Imitation Game. I did say I like mathematics. This is a film about mathematicians, or rather one very special mathematician. It was either this or the Theory of Everything. That may come later.


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