Absent days

It's been a few days since I blogged. It's been a few days since I wrote anything. In fact since last weekend the only day I've even opened the word doc for my latest novel was Tuesday. There is a reason and for me it's a good one. It's my marriage.

The previous week my wife was out all the time playing saxophone in the band for and being musical director of a pantomime. I have mentioned it before I know. Well this week she wasn't and, apart from Tuesday, she was in every evening. So I wanted to spend the other events with her. I did marry her for a reason after all. 24 years together is a good start in my book.

So writing took a back seat. Although it was not entirely missing from those days. I have been working on the plot of the next novel, the Church... This is going to be another where I don't give away the title, at least not in full. Fortunately this time I can at least refer to it partially. My 3rd Ben Williamson novella only has a one word title and until it is accepted somewhere or I eventually get bored and self publish its title must remain unknown

Anyway I've been working on how to tie up the subplots and merge them together in a, hopefully, not contrived manner. I have a couple of them sorted, the timeline for two more pretty much sorted for how events match up to the main story and one or two more ideas for extra complications. This one could get huge.

It's also one I'm a little worried about. When I received an email (rejection obviously) from an agent I've had a bit of an email chat with about my science fiction novel Against the Fall of Empire she told me it was good; well written , great characters, interesting and original plot. But no one was buying such books. And now it seems my brain wants me to write another one; just as political, just as world encompassing in scope and probably just as Unsellable. What to do?

Forcing it is not an easy option. I have the ideas I have and this story I want to tell. It is the kind of story I would love to read. But it isn't likely to sell if what she tells me is true(and I have no reason to doubt her).

Still, that's an issue for the future. I'm only halfway through my ya paranormal novel. I need to Finsbury that. Especially as I am just about to introduce a couple of characters that I created for an earlier aborted novel. I loved these two when I created them. It's just their novel never went anywhere. I couldn't work enough plot together tightly enough to to make it sound convincing.

I never forgot them though. And so when I needed a spooky pair who were stil human and alive why not reuse them. The main character in my story. 15yr old Lizzie, is going to be glad of the help. She was getting a little fraught.

This is why I keep notebooks btw. When I got to this point in working out the plot and realised the need for more characters I just rifled through the pile of notebooks looking for the one that contained their bios and I had everything I needed.

So, to sum up;
 - I have enjoyed a few days off writing being a happy husband
 - I have all the plot sorted for the next bit of my current novel and will be back on it today
 - I have an idea that excites me for the next novel but unsure it's genre is the right one to write

Better get on I guess


Sarah Snowdon said…
Great post and congratulations on getting an email chat with an editor - she saw something she liked and at least you know it's not the writing but the market place that dictated her decision. I am taking a break (also after a rejection) and writing some short stories even though my brain keeps throwing up plots for new novels. Keep the faith and stick with it.
Edmund Lester said…
Thanks for the comments. I hope you get back into your novels soon. I find writing them a lot more satisfying than short stories

I know the feeling about the brain inventing idea after idea. I struggle to keep some of them down long enough to finish the previous novel. I find notebooks very useful.

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