Wishful thinking

I have a number of submissions out there with various agents and publishers. In theory any one of them could end up with my being published. Not likely I know but it is possible. So I will have to admit I have started in on the wishful thinking front.

You see there is a confession I have to make and it involves TV shows. It's no great surprise to hear me tell you I like sffh TV shows. I've blogged about them before after all. But I've not mentioned yet that I don't mind tie in novels. Over the years I've read plenty of them. I used to review them too.

I've read Buffy books, Angel books, Star Trek books, and so on. I could list more and yes, I'm going to. So you can add Stargate, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Highlander, Babylon 5, Quantum Leap, and more recent shows like Grimm to the list.

Wel if I did get published and did have an agent you can bet I would be checking out the chances of writing such a tie in novel. Ideas for several of these have occurred to me over the years. I even have a notebook dedicated to just this kind of story idea. Btw the best idea I have at the moment would be for a Grimm book. Hopefully they will still be making the show and putting out tie in novels should I ever get a deal.

You'll notice one thing. In the list above I never mentioned Star Wars. Yeah, confession time - I've never been a fan. The films are okay (the first three). I can't comment on the latest - I've not seen it. I'll put the right when it hits DVD.

But tie in novels for anything else would be cool. Fingers crossed I get the chance.


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