Another Rejection

I've received a number of rejections since starting writing. They come with the territory I guess. But today the one I received was a little different.

You see last year several of the submissions I sent in resulted in publishers or agents requesting the full manuscript. These all gave me a little bit of a boost; gave me hope. Well today, one of these full manuscript requests resulted in a rejection. So the fall back down to Earth has been a little more pronounced in this case.

Now I know that the chance of an acceptance is still small even when a full manuscript is requested is still not great so I'm not surprised at this but I am a little disappointed. I was hopeful.

BTW - before I go any further I should probably say the submission in question was for the weird novella the Intersection. Not sure how relevant it is but I would be remiss for not saying.

Well I am not going to be put off writing by this rejection. I am going to keep going; keep writing, keep submitting and so on. I am determined to make a go of this.

And as if to try my determination on that last point as I was writing this blog entry another rejection has turned up in my inbox - this time for the science fiction novel Against the Fall of Empire. It's been a while since I had a rejection of that one. Ah well.

Must keep trying


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