Writing habits

I have developed writing habits. I have to admit it. I suppose the main one is music. I have to have music on when I'm writing. I can't do it in silence. I have to have music. Of course this has led onto a writing habit I find truly odd in me.

I am not a superstitious man. Ghosts do not exist. Luck is random and cannot be affected. I might not walk under ladders but I do it because it risks things falling from whomever might be at their top. That and if someone is on them I am risking knocking them off.

But I have developed something akin to a superstition with my writing music. If I leave the room for any reason while writing, the music must be changed when I come back - even if I was only on track one. I just can't force myself to put the CD back on. It's okay if I'm doing anything else, even if that something else is writing related - say submitting. But if I'm writing new fiction the music would be changed.

I did it a few minutes ago. I headed to the kitchen to get another drink. The album that was playing was a good one - Queen's Innuendo. I was enjoying it. but it fell foul of the room leaving rule. I got back; it came out of the CD player and now I am listening to Metallica's Master of Puppets.

There are others. For one thing I write in a room with the doors closed. This might be partly so the music I am listening to doesn't annoy the other people I like with but I do this if I'm alone in the house. I like the enclosed space of my office.

Unlike many other writers I've spoken to I also do this thing with all the social media apps/sites open and ready to distract me. I tweet regularly as I write - mostly about the writing progress I know (and to announce the writing music) but also if I have a momentary stop in the writing, if one section gets a bit sticky, I will head to the feed and read a few; respond to some. Strange I know but it works for me.

And I'm sure I'll develop more the more I write. I will keep you posted.

Anyway - to tonight's writing; I have added 2,240 words to my YA Supernatural Novel The Stairs Lead Down. Chapter two is finished, chapter 3 is one scene long. By the end of it I will be starting to do more than just hint of spookiness.

I'm up to 7,348 words now. Not bad for four days; an average of over 1,800 words a day. Let's see if I can keep that up.


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