Tiredness, oh no

During any of these show weeks my wife plays I expect a certain degree of tiredness. After all our regular hours are disrupted. She tends to get in around midnight buzzing. It takes a little time to wind down which means we don't go to bed all that early. not a fun thing when the alarm goes off at 6:45am.

In the past we've been tired (my wife more than me as she's the one spending all evening blowing into saxophones after all) but we've gotten through it.

This year is a little different. We're both feeling it. It could be because we are both a little older - I turned 48 at the start of the year after all. But I'm placing money on the fact that it's only about a week since I finally threw off the flu (my wife did so just a few days before). We were both tired before this insanity started.

Last night I tried my hand at writing and, after a slow start, managed three new scenes in the novel. Tonight it's been even harder. I have stuck with it and the novel has so far grown by one scene of 687 words. Not much but it's a start. It's taken the novel over 24,000 words too so even if I don't manage any more my average will remain over 2,000 words a day. It is still only day twelve of writing so that is good.

I am going to try to add another in a few minutes. I'm probably going to head into the library first to root out another old sf cover or two and post to my tumblr feed. If you want to see some cool old science fiction book covers the link is below



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