Short writing update

I'm maintaining my recent momentum with the writing. This evening saw my latest novel grow to 10,272 words; an increase of more the 1,500 words. Chapter 3 is one scene (partly written) from done and the spooky stuff has most definitely started.

I've got a pretty good idea of how to get to the next milestone point in the plot too so am hopeful about progress for the next week or so. It's just as well as my wife is going to be a little busy for the next week so I will have time on my hands. Having a writing project to keep me interested is just what I needed.

The only problem is I read the news article about Gravity waves. I am a science junkie. Nothing gives me more pleasure than reading about cutting edge science. (Well okay some things do but that's not in the scope of this blog.)

So having read several accounts of the latest experiments I have this urge within me to write more science fiction - even an idea which features gravity. I am resisting. Partly this is because I have a WiP that is a YA supernatural and partly because the advice email I received from an agent who sent more than just a form letter told me SF was a tough sell at the moment.

Hence concentrating on the spooky for a bit and intending to get back to the scret societies story next. Of course this could all change. There is the (outside; very outside) chance that one of the submissions I have out there might be successful. I might have to drop everything to write a book two for instance.

But assuming not I will finish this spooky YA by the end of next month (and hopefully sooner) and then gave another book to fire off to agents and publishers. never know


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