Keep it Comfortable and Then Meander

Well I think I will have to admit my cold might have been a little more than just a cold. I should have guessed this when I struggled to do anything other than just lie on the sofa at the weekend. By the way, the sofa isn't the comfortable thing of this blog entry's header. In truth the sofa is not all the comfortable to lie on. It's got all the lumber support someone like me (over two metres is the bit I'm angling for in this explanation) needs to sit down but doesn't do well if you want to lie on it.

The comfortable bit I'm on about is TV viewing. I may have mentioned already that I haven't been writing these past few days. Well I have to do something and I don't just like to veg in front of whatever crap happens to be on TV. I pick what I watch. And at times like this I like to pick things I've seen before - preferably many times before.

So in the last couple of days I've put the following DVDs into the player
 - Life of Brian
 - Love Actually
 - Groundhog Day
 - Starship Troopers
 - About Time
 - Highlander

There might have been an episode or two of Doctor Who in there too. I think all I'm missing is a quick viewing of Die Hard and then maybe Bicentennial Man. There's still time.

These are the kinds of films that can act like a security blanket. They just make you (or in this case, me) feel better. So why shouldn't I indulge myself. After all we only live once and it's not for all that long a time. So the rule is enjoy it and don't be afraid of what people think.

I wish I'd realised that last bit before I hit forty. You see there are a number of films I like and bands I like that don't go with the rugged macho image I've wanted to portray all these years (yes, I'm kidding - I've never cared about that kind of thing). I now allow myself to enjoy them and to hell with what people think. I don't have enough life left to worry about what people think. I don't think I ever did; I just didn't realise it back then.

Mind you I would like to point one thing out. I do have impeccable taste in music. I know it's only my opinion but I'm going to pretend it's a fact. I like music I find challenging - try listening to King Crimson or Tom Waits and you'll know what I mean. I like music that isn't ordinary. I like music that makes me think the writers/performers were in love with their craft as they were creating it.

In short I don't like write to the numbers music; which is how I feel much of pop music for the past two decades has been. I want to feel the artist still cared about the music as something other than a route to a lucrative pay cheque.

Anyway - this was a blog post about comfort viewing - how did I get onto challenging music? Simple answer really; I meandered. Just think this; if I meandered that easy when talking about films that make you feel happy even when you are ill just imagine how difficult it is for me to keep concentrated on writing just one story at a time. My brain just keeps inventing. It's why I keep all the notebooks. And why I find it difficult to decide on the next project when one finishes. Somehow I manage.

Fun though it's been watching all these favourite movies I just hope that this cold disappears quickly now so I can get on with my writing.


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