Surprise writing

Doing any writing tonight was something I never expected this morning. There two reasons. Firstly Wednesday this week my wife was going to be in. A rare thing these days as it's just a few days until opening night of the pantomime. And secondly this morning I felt terrible; my sinuses were blocked and I thought I was getting a migraine.

Well things change. My wife had some last minute arrangng to do so needed some peace and quiet and this evening I bent down to pick something up from a bottom shelf only to have a stream of pinkish gunk pour out of my nose. It wasn't a pleasant experience but as soon as it had gone so was all the pressure in my head. Minutes later my headache followed it.

Which meant not only did I have writing time but I was up to making the most of it. So The Staies Lead Down has grown by two more scenes and chapter 3 is but one short section from done.

Then it will get exciting because chapter four is where the real spooky starts. Hopefully tomorrow night I can start in on all of that. So far it's just been hints.

Okay so the stats. Tonight saw something in the region of 1350 words added. I don't know for sure as I'm tapping this into my iPhone and the word counts are logged on my Apache downstairs. The novel count I do know. It's up to 8,699 words. 10k is a possibility tomorrow. And then the weekend will follow.

Anyway that's all for tonight. My sinuses may be less painful than earlier but I'm still suffering from the tiredness their being blocked through last night interrupting my sleep caused. Time to relax and then sleep


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