Book Recommendation

I am currently reading Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine, the Fiftieth Anniversary edition just about to be released by UK sf/f/h specialist press PS Publishing (

This is not one of Bradbury's science fiction or horror books and, as such, I had not read it, my younger self obviously deciding to stick to his sf/h. I have missed an absolute gem, and I am glad this edition has meant that I have been given a second chance by PS Publishing.

The book is a kind of mosaic novel, it tells many little stories all of which happen during one summer in a fictional small American town. Many of the stories feature Doug Spaulding - a twelve year old boy and his younger brother Tom - both full of the joys of life you'd expect from kids, but I have to admit I have long since lost.

In many ways you could say the Doug stories are a kind of coming of age series, Doug is beginning to understand the world and his place in it. He comes face to face with death and danger, and sees how things can pass into history - as in the town trolley bus service ending, to be replaced with an autobus.

The book features many other characters although in far lesser amounts, each of whom add their own particular flavour. You get friendship tales, real life horrors, death and aging - but all of these are told with such beauty.

It's not a cheap book. The standard edition will set you back GBP 20, USD 40. And if you are rich enough there is a signed edition at GBP 50, USD 100 and a deluxe slipcased edition with a bonus second book of stories at GBP 375, USD 750.

But it is beautiful.


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