Another Book Recommendation

I've recently read a young adult science fiction novel that I would recommend to anyone. It's called Hybrids and the author is David Thorpe (published last year in the UK by HarperCollins Children's Books).

This is a great deal darker in tone than most adult sf I've read in recent years. Set in a future Britain infected with a virus called the "Creep" which causes humans to fuse to inanimate objects they come into contact with - most typically mobile phones - causing them to become the Hybrids of the book's title. Britain is quarantined and the government is becoming increasingly right-wing, turning the country into a fascist state, imprisoning Hybrids or denying their basic rights whilst allowing vigilante gangs to prosper.

Add into the mix two teenagers and a bit of a conspiracy plot and there you have.

This book won a writing competition to be published and I'm not surprised - it impressed me greatly.


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