Awash with TV Shows

I've watched virtually no television in weeks. All of the series (and there aren't many) I watch finished and I only had the XMas special of Doctor Who to keep my telefantasy addiction (and in this I include shows that have high science content). It has meant I have watched a number of films, far more than I would have otherwise which is a good thing but I miss my genre TV.

Well it's returning. Bones is about to restart having taken a XMas break, CSI & CSI New York are about to start new series on UK TV, Torchwood season 2 starts in a few days - and going out of genre there's a new series of Time Team (a UK archaeology show) this weekend. And hopefully there will be some others.

This time I will have to make sure I catch them. I have missed one or two (not noticing they were on), Charlie Jade on Sci-Fi for one, and passed on others (Jericho and Lost just never appealed) - but in general I admit it - I am hooked to telefantasy series.


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