My father's death

A little over an hour ago my mother called me to let me know my father had died this morning. I have made all my arrangements and I am going up to where they lived tomorrow. Kind of leaves this afternoon as the most bizarre void. What do you do? I guess just get on with it.

I've been expecting his death for some time. His health had been failing for years and he was 76 years old - he'd lived longer than any of us had ever expected.

Also I cannot claim to have been all that close to him. My family is not one of those tightly interwoven families, it's not something we've ever done. Family get togethers just do not feature.

But he was my father. It leaves a hole...


Enygma said…
I can understand how you feel... i recently lost someone special.. I always claimed i was not close to my family.. but after losing my grandpa, i changed. I miss him terribly. Its like a void, an empty space.. never to be filled. I hope you are coming along fine.
Enygma said…
My condolence to you and your family. I can understand what you are going through. I recently lost someone very important in my life.. my grandpa. Whats weird is that.. i always claimed i was not emotional about anyone, but after his death.. i changed. Its like this void.. an empty space that never gets filled.

But, I hope you are coming along fine.

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