A degree of self-realisation

There comes a point when you realise a thing or two about yourself. I have just come to one of those.

I have always, always been a fan of science fiction and horror movies. I like Alien, Terminator, Brazil, Bladerunner, Starship Troopers etc etc etc. Never been much of a Star Wars fan - even though I was nine when the first film was .

But the realisation is that given three hours to kill whilst doing some tasks - email etc - I had two DVDs with me, both of films I rather like - Highlander and Groundhog Day. And I watched Groundhog Day twice.

In the 80s Highlander was my favourite movie - it was the first pre-recorded videocassette I ever bought and one of the first DVDs I owned. But it didn't cause me to swap the disks in the DVD player. Ah well I guess tastes change.

Might have been different if the second disk had been Back to the Future...


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