Time Team 4

Sunday brings its regular dose of archaeology to our screens. This episode saw the team searching for the remains of a medieval nunnery in Northamptonshire.

The first thing I have to say about the episode is that I am jealous, jealous of the house that the people whose garden the team were digging up live in. All I can say is wow, that is a nice house. I would dearly love to own something like that, a great big Victorian country house.

Anyway to get back to the digging part. This episode was an easy one in many ways for the team - clear geophysics (okay relatively clear), masses of documentary evidence and great big walls popping up in the trenches following a standard plan for such religious centres. Add plenty of solid dating evidence, all relative to the time detailed in the documentation and it all added up neatly.

Okay it can be fun to occasionally see the archaeologists argue amongst themselves about what they find, but equally when they agree and are proved right you get more information delivered to the viewer about the dig itself.

Good stuff....


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